• Location

    Margate Shipyard Map

    30 Waterworth Drive, Margate 7054

    The site is situated on the shore of North West Bay, in the town of Margate, some 20 km by road from Hobart. No marine navigational constraints or difficulties exist and there is ready access via the nearby mouth of the River Derwent and Storm Bay to the deep waters of the Tasman Sea.  An alternative Southward route, via the sheltered cruising waters of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, gives access to the Southern Ocean.

    Sea distances to Margate include:

    • Hobart - 16 NM
    • Strahan - 195 NM
    • Launceston - 290 NM
    • Melbourne - 452 NM
    • Sydney - 625 NM
    • Adelaide - 755 NM
    • Auckland - 1,320 NM

    Marine activities come under the jurisdiction of Tasports.

    The location of the site with respect to Hobart and its general aspects are shown in the illustration.




  • Facilities

    Crisp Bros. & Haywards have a fabrication hall of external steel frame construction, providing 8,070sqm of clear span floor space, 20 metres high.  The shipbuilding hall has complete overhead gantry crane coverage of 13x5 tonne cranes which transverse the shed in a North South direction.

    Natural ventilation and natural light are features of the building, which also add to a high quality work environment and achieve economies of operation.

    • 8,070sqm Shipbuilding Hall, including:
      • 3,035sqm Production Hall (Ferrous Works)
      • 2,000sqm Sandblasting and Painting Bay
      • 3,035sqm Outfitting Hall (Post-paining and Non-Ferrous Works)
    • 850sqm Office & Store
    • 110sqm Board / Training rooms


  • Marine Capacity

    • 20 tonne per metre capacity slipway - 125m long
      • Capacity to slip vessels with 3.95m draft
    • 25t capacity Wharf (+3 phase power & services) - 63m long
      • 8.7 metre water depth at the end of the Wharf
    • Boat ramp
  • Workshop Capabilities and Services

    • 13 x 5t KONE Overhead Gantry crane
    • Boom Lift - 85ft
    • Boom Lift - 45ft
    • Scissor Lift (all terrain) – 26ft
    • 6 x Scissor Lift - 16ft
    • 60t Sunrise punch and shear
    • 45t Kingsland punch and shear
    • SH-500M Horizontal Bandsaw
    • 250mm Horizontal Bandsaw
    • VB-450M Vertical Bandsaw
    • 19.1 – 320mm Pipe Bevellers
    • FORONIUS Aluminium Pulse Welders
    • 200t break press
    • 3200mm x 12mm Guillotine
    • 16t Franna mobile crane
    • 35m longitudinal and transverse bogie carriages
    • 2 x Yard trucks
    • Sand Blasting and painting
    • Services, air, argon and electricity are piped under floor with access boxes set into the floor the slab in a 10-metre grid pattern.
  • Project Capabilities

    Crisp Bros. & Haywards Margate have the experience, capabilities and resources to undertake minor and major Marine Projects all within the shipyard facility.

    Construction of new Vessels:

    • Design - Naval Architecture services
    • Manufacturing – Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel
    • Fit-out, including;
      • Carpentry/joinery
      • Plumbing
      • Flooring (internal and external)
    • Mechanical – Supply &/or installation
    • Electrical - 12V/24V and 415V
    • Sand Blasting and Painting

     Margate Shipyard


    Slipping, Survey, maintenance and general repairs:

    • Pressure washing
    • Painting
    • Surveying (AMSA &/or DNV), including;
      • Full survey
      • Out of water survey
      • Lifting equipment testing to meet survey and Australian Regulations
    • General repairs and maintenance  - Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel
    • Design and undertake minor &/or major modifications
    • Re-fitting interiors
    • Electrical repairs, upgrades &/or modifications - 12V/24V and 415V
    • Lifting devices (Cranes, etc.) overhauled to meet Regulations
    • Ultrasonic thickness &/or crack testing and reporting



  • Deep Water Access

    The Margate site offers immediate access to deep water close inshore. A previous foreshore roadway was closed specifically to facilitate the establishment of the Marine Park. Depth of water is illustrated by way of Hydrographic Chart AUS 171.

    Margate Shipyard


  • Contact and Further Information

    Further inquiries should be directed to:

                                                   Matt Wiggins – MANAGER


                       Address:                        30 Waterworth Drive, Margate, Tasmania, 7054, AUSTRALIA 

                       Telephone:                    +61 (0)3 6267 2370

                       Fax:                               +61 (0)3 6267 1534

                       Email:                              Contact Us

                       Postal Address :            PO Box 47, KINGSMEADOWS, Tasmania, 7249